2024 - 2025 Officers

President - Kevin Copland

Vice-President/Entertainment Chairman - Dustin McCormick

Tournament Director - Mike Thomas

Secretary/Membership and Rules Chairman - Charlie Donahue

Treasurer - Dick Durbin

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Once again, Kevin Copland is the Tallahassee Bass Anglers’ Angler of the Year. Kevin won five of the club's nine points tournaments amassing a total of 346 out of a possible 350 points.  Congratulations, Kevin, on your second straight Angler of the Year award!

Kevin also took the honors for the largest  bag in 2022: 24.27 pounds in March on Lake Seminole.
2023 Angler of the Year
Kevin Copland
Established: 1972
Lake Seminole
June 22, 2024
Kevin Copland - right - 13.04 pounds
Ritchie Estes - right - 12.52 pounds
John Vickers - center - 10.55 pounds

Big Fish
Ritchie Estes - 5.65 pounds