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Meeting Minutes
May 16, 2023
Attendance: Dick Durbin, Mike Thomas, Les Shope, Charlie Donahue, Kevin Copland, John Vickers, Jason Kelly, Dallas Johnson, John Beal, Marty Spears, Billy Owens, and Chaz Kelley.

Secretary Dick Durbin read the minutes of the previous meeting.  Members approved.

Les Shope provided the Treasurer's Report:
    Cash                             $675.50
    Bank                          $4,147.18
    Due from members              .00
    Credits                       $2,602.85
    Total                           $2,219.83

    Top Ten                         $102.00

Charlie Donahue was voted in as a full member.

Jason Kelly reported no news on getting club t-shirts.

Marty Spears inquired as to whether the club might be interested in establishing a "paper" club in order to participate in BASS Nation tournaments.  Members who choose to participate would bear the cost of the participation.  He is going to look into the details.

Tournament Director Kevin Copland reviewed the West Point tournament and the Classic at Kissimmee.

Members voted to weigh in May 20 at Talquin at 3:00 p.m.  Tournament will be out of Luther Hall Landing.

John Beal won the dollar pot.

Pairings for Talquin tournament:
    Charlie Donahue - Jason Kelly
    Mike Thomas - Dick Durbin
    John Vickers - Kevin Copland
    Chaz Kelley - Billy Owens
    Dallas Johnson - Marty Spears
    Dustin McCormick - Les Shope