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Minutes of Tallahassee Bass Anglers Meeting
April 4, 2017

Attendance: John Vickers, John Beal, Mike Thomas, Chris Edrington, Billy Owens, Rick Johnson, Les Shope, John Rudolph, Dick Durbin
Meeting called to order by President Les Shope at 7:41 PM.

Meeting Agenda was presented and approved (1st Dick Durbin, 2nd John Vickers)

Minutes were approved from the last meeting were approved (1st John Vickers, 2nd Dick Durbin)

Financial report was reported as follows by Treasurer Chris Edrington
Cash on Hand: $337.33
Bank: $2991.05
Accounts receivable: $0
Credits: $2283.33
Total: $1045.05
Top 10: $48

Financial report was approved (Motion to approve 1st Billy Owens, 2nd John Vickers)  

New Business:

Mike Thomas reviewed use of life jackets and kill switches and mentioned that he did do several random checks at Lake Jackson tournament.

The “Friends of Lake Jackson” dropped off some flyers at the last meeting and invited us to attend their meetings. No one appears to be interested in pursuing this.

Mike Thomas purchased a new weigh in basket ($70) as the last one fell apart at the Lake Jackson tournament. (Because Rick Johnson’s fish were huge)
Mike Thomas reviewed the Lake Jackson tournament results:
1) Rick Johnson
2)Marty Spears
3)Billy Owens
Big Fish: Bryan Crowe

Les Shope mentioned that Marty Spears had contacted him since he could not attend this meeting. Marty would like to host a cook out at the Lake Eufaula like we did last year. This was approved by the club and will be discussed further at the next meeting.

 Mike Thomas reviewed rooms for Lake Eufaula.

Dick Durbin mentioned that they were spraying on Lake Iamonia.

Meeting adjourned 8:04 (1st John Vickers, 2nd Mike Thomas)