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Minutes of Tallahassee Bass Anglers Meeting
August 1, 2017

Attendance: John Vickers, Mike Thomas, Billy Owens, Les Shope, Dick Durbin, John Waugh, Chris Edrington, Rambo Waugh (p), John Beal, Kevin Copland

Meeting called to order by President Les Shope at 7:33 p.m.

Meeting Agenda was presented and approved.  

Minutes from the July 18, 2017 meeting were approved as posted on the web site. (1st John Vickers, 2nd Chris Edrington)

Financial report was reported as follows by Treasurer Chris Edrington:
Cash on Hand: $340.33
Bank: $2991.05
Accounts receivable: $23.80
Credits: $2553.29
Total: $801.89
Top 10: $148.00

Financial report was approved (1st Dick Durbin 2nd John Vickers)  

New Business:
Chris Edrington advised that he would be out of town the week of the next tournament and would be flying in late on Friday evening. He asked that he be scheduled to go out last and fish alone so that, if his flight was delayed and he couldn’t make it, no nonboater would be inconvenienced. His request was approved. (1st John Vickers, 2nd Mike Thomas)

Rambo Waugh has fished his three Pledge tournaments but there was not 70 percent of the membership in attendance to vote on his membership. President Les Shope asked if the club could accept proxies in the form of an e-mail or a text message to vote on new members. John Vickers reviewed the bylaws and said that we would have to amend the bylaws to do that. He will compose language to that effect to present to the club at the next meeting.

Mike Thomas, tournament chairman, reviewed the results of the Lake Seminole tournament held on 7/22/17.
1st Rick Johnson – 13.08 pounds
2nd Les Shope – 13.02 pounds
3rd Marty Spears – 5.84
Big Fish – Les Shope

Current AOY standings with two drops:
1st Rick Johnson
2nd Marty Spears
3rd Les Shope

Mike Thomas set up the upcoming Lake Talquin tournament. Tournament will be held Saturday, August 19 from safe daylight-3PM

Dollar Pot won by John Vickers

Next Meeting will be 8/15/17 at Smashburger.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:03 p.m.