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Tallahassee Bass Anglers
Minutes of August 16, 2016 Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 by President Les Shope.

Attendance: Mike Thomas, Chris Edrington, Dallas Johnson, Dick Durbin, John Beal, John Vickers, Bobby Yakin, Marty Spears, Billy Owens, Richard Lollie (P), Les Shope, Brent Zapata (P), John Waugh, John Rudolph, Kevin Copland, and Brian Crowe (guest.)
Meeting agenda was presented and approved (1st Durbin, 2nd Vickers)

Minutes were approved with the change that the two meeting that will be held outside will be the two meetings in September. (1st Rudolph, 2nd Spears)

Financial Report:
  Cash $130.00
  Due from members$70.00
  Top Ten Pot$200.00

Brian Crowe pledged to join the club. John Waugh is sponsoring him and will fish this weekend’s tournament with him.

Live Well Study:
Scott Bisping and Ted Alferman from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission explained the live well study they will be conducting at the August 20 Talquin tournament.

John Rudolph reviewed Don Gainey’s health and the family’s plans. He led us in a prayer for the family.

John Beal won the dollar pot.

Talquin Tournament #2 will be held August 20, 2016 at Hall’s Landing from safe daylight until 3:00 p.m. The FWC biologists asked that we do nothing different in our handling of fish for this tournament so the club decided to revert to our normal 5 fish limit.

1.John Waugh – Brian Crowe (P)
2.Mike Thomas – Richard Lollie (P)
3.Dick Durbin – Bryce Harvey
4.Rick Johnson – Kevin Copland
5.Dallas Johnson – Marty Spears
6.Chris Edrington – John Vickers
7.Bobby Yakin – Les Shope
8.Doug Willard

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.