AUGUST 21, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 7:50 p.m.  Meeting was relocated to Billy Owens' shop due to lack of space at Beef O'Brady's.

Attendance: John Beal, Tony Canington, Dick Durbin, Patrick Dooley, Don Gainey, John Harrison, Dallas Johnson, Rick Johnson, Fred Jones, Jason Junkin, Bob McCann, Larry Morris, Billy Owens, Hunter Peacock, John Rudolph,  Les Shope, Marty Spears, Mike Thomas, Roger Timmons, John Vickers,  Ron Wallace, John Waugh, Jeff White (visitor), Brooks Woodward

Minutes were accepted as posted on the club web site.  Moved by Roger Timmons, seconded by John Waugh

Treasurer's Report:
Cash             $345.61
Bank          $3,501.13
Credits       $2,311.53
Total          $1,535.21

Dick Durbin moved to accept the report and Larry Morris seconded and the club approved.

Jeff White was introduced to the club and pledged.  Mr. Vickers explained to him, as he does all prospective members, that "you gotta WANT to belong to this club."

Blackshear Tournament
It was determined by a show of hands that 14 members would be staying in cabins at Blackshear and the cost for each member staying would be around $100.  Rick Johnson said he would collect from those who stayed in the cabins for the final cost of the rooms.

Roger asked if we could consider a two half-day tournament, but it was determined that such an arrangement would disenfranchise some members who could not participate.

Marty Spears was voted in as a member.

Dollar Pot was won by Jeff White.

Seminole Tournament
The club voted to take off at safe daylight from Jack Wingate's and weigh in at 3:00 p.m.  

The order of blastoff for the tournament is:

1.       John Vickers                      Jeff White (Pledge 1st tournament)

2.       John Waugh                      Patrick Dooley (Pledge 2nd tournament)

3.       Ron Wallace                      Les Shope (Pledge 3rd tournament)

4.       Rick Johnson                     Bob McCann (NB)

5.       Marty Spears                     Jason Junkin (NB)

6.       John Rudolph                    Larry Morris (NB)

7.       John Harrison                    Don Gainey (NB)

8.       Brooks Woodward             Hunter Peacock (NB)

9.       John Beal                          Tony Canington (B)

10.   Dick Durbin                        Mike Thomas (B)

11.   Roger Timmons                 Billy Owens (B)

12.   Dallas Johnson

Fred Jones expressed his appreciation for the club considering him to be an honorary member.

Brooks Woodward described his purchase of the Nichols Lures company and asked the club to provide him with honest feedback concerning any of the lures in his lineup.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.