Minutes of Tallahassee Bass Anglers
Tuesday August 7, 2012

Present at the meeting were, John Rudolph (President), Rick Johnson (Treasurer), Mike Thomas (Rules Chairman), John Vickers (Tournament Chairman), Billy Owens (Entertainment Chairman), Patrick Dooley (Pledge), Don Gainey,  John Harrison ,  Dallas Johnson,  Bob McCann,  Larry Morris, Les Shope (Pledge), Rodger Timmons, Ron Wallace,  John Waugh

Absent from the meeting were: Dick Durbin (Vice President) (out of town), Charlie Melton (Having neck surgery), (Secretary), Tony Canington (in Civil Court in Jacksonville), John Beal, Bill Cotterall, Fred Jones, Jason Junkin, Hunter Peacock, Jim Hughey (out of town), Marty Spears (Pledge) (in Philadelphia eating a cheese steak),  and Brooks Woodward (in Texas learning how to make spinnerbaits.

The meeting was called to order by President John Rudolph at 7:31 PM. President Rudolph reported that Charlie Melton would not be at the meeting and he would be taking the minutes. President Rudolph asked if everyone had read the minutes on the website and Rodger Timmons  moved to approve the minutes and Bob McCann seconded and the Club voted to approve the minutes.

Financial Report- Treasurer Rick Johnson presented the financial report of the Club. There was $3,501.13 in the bank, $465.61 cash on hand, $2,431.36 in credits for a total of $1,435.21.             Larry Morris moved to approve the Financial Report, Bob McCann seconded, and the Club voted in favor of the Financial Report.   Treasurer Rick Johnson passed out the financial report so the members could view their status.

Old Business- President Rudolph reported that he had contacted Jeff at the Shoe Box and they agreed to charge the same amount that the Club paid for the shirts previously- $50 for a short sleeve shirt and $53(I said $52 at the meeting but checking my notes it was $53) for a long sleeve shirt with the name and logo.  John told members to go to the Shoe Box if they wanted a shirt and ask for Jeff and they could pick out a shirt or if they didn’t have the color they wanted they could order one.

Rick Johnson reported that Jason Humphrey contacted him about refunding his balance in the account since he resigned and Rick cut him a check.

New Business- President Rudolph reported that  Mary Spears had fished the required three tournaments and could be elected as a member.  Those who fished with Marty talked about him but it was determined that we were three members shy of the 70% vote required for membership so it would be tabled until the next meeting.

John Vickers brought up electing Fred Jones as an honorary member and discussed that Fred was talking about resigning from the Club because he can’t fish tournaments on Saturday because he has to work that day.  John also said Fred had already called his partner for the Extreme Tournaments, and told him to get another partner.  After much discussion including the fact that Fred could at any time become a full member because of his balance in the club account, or he could fish in a tournament by paying the entry fee but he wouldn’t earn any points.  John Vickers moved to approve Fred Jones as an honorary member based on 25 years of membership, Bob McCann seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Club Tournament Activities

Tournament Information- Tournament Chairman, John Vickers reported on the top ten members in the Talquin Tournament and they were (after adjustments for dead fish):

1. Ron Wallace           11.39 lbs

2. Jim Hughey              11.36 lbs

3. Dallas Johnson        10.60 lbs

4. Don Gainey               9.67 lbs

5. Les Shope (p)            8.94 lbs

6. John Beal                  8.30 lbs

7. Patrick Dooley (p)    7.73 lbs

8. John Rudolph            7.44 lbs

9. Tony Canington         6.60 lbs

10. Jason Junkin            5.61 lbs


Then John Vickers went over the standings for Angler of the year

                                                Current            W/1 drop         W/2 drops

1. Tony Canington                   270                  232                  190

2. John Beal                            246                  231                  191

3. Dallas Johnson                    240                  225                  189

4. John Rudolph                      236                  221                  183

5. John Vickers                        227                  212                  175

6. Mike Thomas                       222                  207                  170

7. John Waugh                        209                  194                  179

8. Larry Morris                         204                  189                  174

9. Billy Owens                         204                  189                  158

10. Fred Jones                        197                  197                  182

11. Ron Wallace                      188                  188                  188

John Vickers stated that Tony Canington was the only member of the club that had fished every tournament that caught a fish in every tournament.  Everyone present recognized that Tony would be a tough man to beat.

 The Lake Blackshear tournament was brought up and Rick reported that he had not yet paid for the rooms out of the Club account but would be doing it before the next meeting.  At the next meeting the members will have to commit to fish in the tournament and commit to staying in the cabins.  The number who commit will determine the cost of staying in the four cabins and they will agree to pay back the club their share of the cost of the four cabins. 

Patrick Dooley announced that Charlie Melton just got through surgery on his neck and was doing fine.

Rodger Timmons announced he was no longer working and would be open for going fishing during the week.


 President Rudolph reported the next meeting of the Club would be Tuesday August 21, , 2012 at 7:30 at Beef O’Bradys. The next Club tournament would be at Lake Seminole, August 25 or 26, 2012.

Dollar pot-
won by Rodger Timmons.

                John Waugh moved to adjourn the meeting, John Harrison seconded and the Club voted to adjourn the meeting at 8:07 PM.