Minutes of Tallahassee Bass Anglers Meeting

On Tuesday December 4, 2012


Attendance- Present at the meeting were, John Rudolph (President), , Rick Johnson (Treasurer), Mike Thomas (Rules Chairman), John Vickers (Tournament Chairman), Billy Owens (Entertainment Chairman), John Beal, Don Gainey, John Harrison , Dallas Johnson, Jason Junkin, Bob McCann, Larry Morris, Marty Spears, Les Shope, Justin Sutton (pledge) and Brooks Woodward.


Absent from the meeting were: Dick Durbin (Vice President), Charlie Melton, (Secretary), Tony Canington, Patrick Dooley (pledge), Jim Hughey, Fred Jones (Honorary Member), Daniel Miranda (pledge), Hunter Peacock, Dusty Stacy (pledge), Rodger Timmons, Ron Wallace, and John Waugh.


The meeting was called to order by President John Rudolph at 7:30 PM. President Rudolph reported that Charlie Melton would not be at the meeting and President Rudolph would take the minutes. President Rudolph passed around the Agenda for the meeting and asked for any additions or deletions. Hearing none he proceeded with the meeting. President Rudolph stated there were no minutes to be voted on as at the last meeting there was not a quorum and the meeting on the November 4, 2012 at Billy’s Office where we ate a great meal, the final standings in the club were read and the Top 10 in attendance selected the location of the Top Ten tournament, were to be done by Charlie Melton, but they had not been sent to Dick Durbin to post on the website.


Financial Report- Treasurer Rich Johnson presented the financial report of the Club. There was $ 3360.11 in the bank, $661.62 cash on hand, $2,226.29 in credits for a total of $1741.44. Bob McCann moved to approve the Financial Report, Dallas Johnson seconded, and the Club voted in favor of the Financial Report. Treasurer Johnson passed around the financial report to let the members present review their accounts. Treasurer Johnson indicated that if a member had $50 in their account he would automatically take the money to pay the dues for next year. Treasure Johnson also told those who pledged that he would send them an email with the prorated amounts they would owe for next year. He said if someone did not want the $50 taken out of their account they should contact him. He also stressed that if you do not pay your dues before the first meeting of 2013 they would not be allowed to vote on the tournament schedule.


Introduction of Guests- None


New Business- Entertainment Chair, Billy Owens- Annual Banquet- Chair Owens reported that Mary Spears had made arrangements to have the Banquet at the Clubhouse at his hunt club at Cedar Farms Plantation and the directions were emailed to the members. He said the banquet would by on Saturday January 12, 2013 starting at 4:00 PM with a covered dish dinner starting at 6:00 PM. He said John Vickers would be cooking the meat and Don Gainey would bring the oysters. He also said members should bring folding chairs to sit around the fire pit for themselves and their guests. Children are also invited. Billy Owens said he would contact the members coming to coordinate the covered dishes they could bring. Some members requested that Marty Spears bring some of his homemade sausage.


Rules Chairman, Mike Thomas- Rules change- Mike Thomas passed around a proposed change to Paragraph 12 of the General Policies and Operating Procedures relating to the Top 10 Fish Off. After much discussion the additional language to the rule was moved by John Vickers and seconded by Larry Morris and passed by the Club. The amended rule is attached to these minutes.


Voting on Sportsman of the Year- Ballots were passed out to vote for Sportsman of the Year after John Vickers went over the qualifications. The ballots were taken to a waitress who counted the votes and gave the results folded up. John Vickers gave them to John Rudolph and let the Club know that two members received equal votes. So John Rudolph will take the folded results to Awards 4U and get two plaques made up. He will get with Rick Johnson on the cost.


Old Business- John Rudolph brought up that the Executive Committee had met and recommended to the Club that the first meeting in January (which would be on the 1st) should be moved to January 8, 2013. John Vickers moved to change the first meeting of 2013 to January 8, Bob McCann seconded and the Club voted in favor.

Club Tournament Activities

Tournament Information- Tournament Chairman, John Vickers discussed the Top Ten Tournament and said it was a very tough tournament. John Waugh won with 2 fish weighing 2.4 pounds and John Rudolph came in second with 2.14 pounds. They split the pot 70/30.


Tournament Schedule for 2013- John Vickers passed out the schedule that the Executive Committee approved for consideration by the Club. He pointed out that the schedule would be approved at the first meeting in January. John went over the considerations by the Executive Committee to come up with the schedule and he checked out Deer Lake near Panama City and the FWC was drawing it down to kill the grass. They also looked at Banks lake in Georgia but the Georgia Fish and Wildlife indicated that there was 1,000 acres of open water and

3,600 acres of swamp. They also recommended that trolling motors be used and that boats should only idle because of the stumps throughout the lake. Lake Ocmulgee was also discussed but the GFW was drawing that lake down starting the day of the meetingt. He went over the proposed schedule and the reason why the schedule was made the way it was. The members discussed fishing the lower Ochlocknee River, but Don Gainey told a story about Hal McClamma and how the yellow files ate him alive but Don gave him something that made him smell like a French Whore! Marty Spears pointed out that the Talquin Open would be March 29 so we should fish Talquin in March. John Vickers said he thought that might be a good idea and we would decide that the first meeting in January.


Classic Tournament- John Vickers said because the Classic would be on January 25-27 he wanted to talk about potential locations. Brooks Woodward mentioned fishing Palatka and Mary Spears mentioned that he has a buddy who owns Jethro Baits who has cabins at Camp Mack that we might be able to get at a good price. Marty agreed to contact him and get back to John V about their availability. Camp Mack is north of Lake Kissimmee and Les Shope indicated he has fished out of there last year and it would be a good location for the Classic. From a preliminary show of hands 10 members present would fish the Classic down there.



John Rudolph reported the next meeting of the Club would be Tuesday December 18, 2012 at 7:30 at Beef O’Bradys. He would be sending out an email next week asking for members who can attend to email him back. He would give the members until Monday to reply unless he received replies from 13 members before had.


Dollar pot- won by Les Shope.

Bob McCann moved to adjourn the meeting, John Harrison seconded and the Club voted to adjourn the meeting at 8:33 PM.