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Tallahassee Bass Anglers
Meeting Minutes
December 1, 2015

John Rudolph, Dick Durbin, Marty Spears, Dallas Johnson, John Vickers, John Beal, Cody Rowan, Chris Edrington, Les Shope, Lee Huszagh, Bobby Yakin, Billy Owens, Kevin Copland, Doug Willard, and Mike Ray

John Rudolph moved that the minutes of the last meeting be accepted as posted.  Les seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

Treasurer's Report:
John Rudolph submitted the following treasurer's report:
Cash          $277.66
Bank       $2,609.64
Credits    $1,845.61

Total       $1,041.69

John Vickers moved to approve the report and Marty Spears seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

2016 dues will be paid from any funds in each member's account unless the member requests otherwise.

New Business:

Marty Spears presented plans to hold the club's annual banquet at Cedars Farm Plantation on January 17.  John Vickers moved to accept the date and location.  Dallas seconded the motion and it was accepted.

Marty also presented some lodging options for the Lake Eufaula tournaments in 2016.

Marty also invited everyone to Dallas Johnson's 70th birthday party on December 11 at Dallas' barn.

The club voted on the Sportsman of the Year.  John Rudolph took the sealed box and will have the plaque made.

Dollar Pot was won by Mike Ray.

Meeting adjourned at 7:49.