Minutes of Tallahassee Bass Anglers Meeting

On Tuesday February 5, 2013



Attendance- Present at the meeting were, John Rudolph (President), Dick Durbin (Vice President), Rick Johnson (Treasurer), John Vickers (Tournament Chairman), Billy Owens (Entertainment Chairman), Don Gainey, John Harrison , Dallas Johnson, Jason Junkin, Bob McCann, Jason Meredith (pledge), Larry Morris, Les Shope, Justin Sutton (pledge), Rodger Timmons, and Brooks Woodward.


Absent from the meeting were: Mike Thomas (Rules Chairman), John Beal, Charlie Melton, Tony Canington, Patrick Dooley, Jim Hughey, Fred Jones (Honorary Member), Hunter Peacock, Cody Spears (pledge), Marty Spears, Dusty Stacy (pledge), Ron Wallace, John Waugh, and Jeff White.


The meeting was called to order by President John Rudolph at 7:30 PM.. President Rudolph passed around the Agenda for the meeting and asked for any additions or deletions. Hearing none he proceeded with the meeting. President Rudolph stated that the minutes were posted on the Club website but there were three members in attendance that weren’t listed- John Rudolph, Bob McCann and Jason Junkin, that the minutes should be amended. Rodger Timmons moved to approve the minutes as amended, Bob McCann seconded and the minutes were approved as amended.


Financial Report- Treasurer Rich Johnson presented the financial report of the Club. There was $ 3252.36 in the bank, $569.00 cash on hand, $1,390.78 in credits for a total of $2,430.58. Treasurer Rick reported that all members were paid up with only Jeff White and Ron Wallace still owing dues. Dick Durbin moved to approve the Financial Report, Billy Owens seconded, and the Club voted in favor of the Financial Report

Introduction of Guests- None


New Business- Election of Secretary- President Rudolph reported that Mike Thomas had to resign as Secretary because of personal reasons and that only one person had indicated a willingness to be the Secretary- Larry Morris. President Rudolph asked if anyone wanted to make a nomination or to move that the nominations be closed. Bob McCann moved that the nominations be closed, Dallas Johnson seconded and the motion carried. Larry Morris is the new Secretary of the Club taking the remainder of Mike Thomas’ term.


Pledge Sponsors- President Rudolph mentioned that there were three members who contacted the Club through the website and we should decide who there sponsors are. After much discussion it was decided that Dick Durbin would be the sponsor of Justin Sutton, Dusty Stacy and Jason Meredith and Dick indicated he would be fishing with Justin in Apalachicola.


Old Business- NONE


Club Tournament Activities

Tournament Information- Tournament Chairman, John Vickers reported on the Classic that was won by Billy Owens (applause), second was John Rudolph, and third was Cody Spears.


Apalachicola Tournament - John Vickers stated that he had to go down to Bay City to talk to the owner to reserve the rooms. They spoke to a groundskeeper who said he would get the Owner to call John. Jim Mosconis called John and confirmed they would be open for the tournament. John then asked who would be needing rooms for Friday and Saturday. John Harrison said he would be going down there early and so would Tony Canington so they would have to make their reservations separately from the Club. From a show of hands and reports from absent members communicated to Rudolph, there were 13 at the meeting and Patrick Dooley sent an email to Rudolph at 6:00 stating he would be needing a room for Friday and Saturday. So there are 14 people needing rooms. John Vickers stated that this is one of the best Tournaments of the year since Bay City has everything on site to meet our needs- you can leave your boat in the water, there is a restaurant and shop on site to get your ice, and if you catch a fish and you want to eat it, you just have to filet it and they will cook it however you want it and you get a discount on the cost of the meal.



John Rudolph reported the next meeting of the Club would be Tuesday February 19, 2013 at 7:30 at Beef O’Bradys

Next tournament will be at the Lower Apalachicola, February 22-24, 2013 at Bay City Lodge


Dollar pot- won by Bob McCann.

Bob McCann moved to adjourn the meeting, John Harrison seconded and the Club voted to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 PM.