Tallahassee Bass Anglers Meeting Minutes
February 7, 2012

Meeting began at 7:30 p.m.

Attendance:John Rudolph, Bob McCann, John Waugh, John Harrison, Dallas Johnson, Larry Morris (pledge), Fred Jones, Hunter Peacock, Jason Junkin (pledge), Mike Wheeler (pledge), Mike Thomas, John Vickers, Rick Johnson, Don Gainey, Billy Owens, Rodger Timmons, and Dick Durbin

of January 17, 2012 meeting were accepted as posted on the club website by Dick Durbin.

Rick Johnson gave the Financial Report as follows:

            Financial Report:   

                            Bank balance:    $2,489.83

                            Cash:                   $583.20                  

                            Credits:              $1,455.59

                            Total:                $1,617.44

Mike Wheeler pledged to join the club.

John Rudolph proposed changing the tournament draw to the first meeting of the month in order to allow partners time to practice together. The club voted to give it a try at the March Lake Seminole tournament to test its viability. This would only be a test run and not a permanent change.  Dick Durbin made the motion and Bob McCann seconded it.        

John Vickers reported on the classic.  

He also reported that the club would have to pay the full cost of the cabins at Blackshear prior to the tournament.  Members are asked to pay their share in August. The total cost of renting the four cabins will be divided equally by the members staying in the cabins.

John also reported that we will not have to have permits from the Corps of Engineers on Lake Seminole since we are going out of Wingate's.  We do have to let Wingate's know about the tournament since they are keeping a log for the Corps.

Dollar pot was won by John Harrison.

Meeting ended at 8:15 p.m.