JANUARY 15, 2013



John Rudolph, Roger Timmons, Les Shope, Billy Owens, Justin Sutton, Mike Thomas, Jason Meredith, John Vickers, Patrick Dooley, Rick Johnson, Bob McCann, Jason Junkin, John Harrison, Don Gainey, Dusty Stacey,


Meeting called to order at 7:25 p.m. by John Rudolph


Minutes from last meeting not read but were approved.


Treasures report:

Cash on hand $ 534.00

In the bank $ 3,252.36

-Credits of $ 1,370.58

Total available $2,415.58


Old Business:

Billy reported that Banquet was well attended.

Roger suggested more events such as this for the club.

Thank You notes to be written to Linda Owens and Rhesa for there assistance.

Additional entry from last meeting 1/8/2013 Jason Meredith pledged the club this meeting.


New Business

Pairings for the Classic on Lake Talquin

Hours to be Daylight to 4 pm from Halls Landing

Permits are in hand

Classic Discussion:

Whomever you are paired with for the classic does not count in this years point tournaments pairings.

Suggested that pledges be allowed to use there boats for this tournament approved.

John Vickers, Roger, Ron and Charlie be withheld from pairing due to conflicts but can fish if available approved


Partner Pairings for Classic

Boat                                  No Boat

                    Mike Thomas                     Dusty Sutton

                    John Beal                           Jason Meridith

                    Billy Owens                        Jason Junkin

                    Rick Johnson                     Bob MCCann

                   Justin Sutton                       Patrick Dooley

                   John Rudolph                      Hunter Peacock

                  Les Shope                            Don Gainey


John Harrison advised of back issues and that he will not be able to fish an entire tournament. He is requesting that he be allowed to fish alone so that should he have a partner he will not shorten his partners fishing time.  Larry Morris made a motion to approve this request, motion was approved.


Dollar Pot won by Patrick Dooley


Meeting adjourned at 8 pm by John Rudolph


Minutes submitted by Mike Thomas