Tallahassee Bass Anglers Meeting Minutes
January 17, 2012


Dick Durbin, John Harrison, Dallas Johnson, Rick Johnson, Fred Jones, Jason Junkin, Bob McCann, Billy Owens, John Rudolph, Mike Thomas, John Vickers, Larry Morris

It was determined that we did not have a quorum.

Meeting was called to order promptly at 7:30 pm.

Rick Johnson gave the Financial Report as follows:

            Financial Report:   

                            Bank balance:    $2,889.83

                            Cash:                   $618.20                      

                            Credits:             $1,425.59

                            Total:                $2,082.41

            Rick reported that the club's bank account had names on it of people that had not been members for years.  The account was closed and a new account was opened as a business account that did not need everyone on the account to make changes.  Each time new officers are elected we just have to provide a copy of the club minutes to change the contact names on the account.

The account comes with a debit card that must be used at least once a month in order to avoid a service fee of $17.50 per month.

John Vickers reported that we need to make a $500 deposit to reserve five cabins for our tournament at Lake Blackshear.  Rick Johnson/Treasurer will use the debit card to reserve the cabins.

The cabins will sleep four and cost $147 per night.

John also advised the club that FWC wants to know the exact time each permitted tournament ends.  If we state on the permit that the tournament ends at 4:00 p.m. the weigh-in must be held at 4:00 p.m. since the FWC may want their personnel to attend the weigh-in.

Larry Morris pledged to rejoin the club.

Meeting ended at 8:04 p.m.