Tallahassee Bass Anglers Meeting Minutes
January 3, 2012


John Waugh, Brooks Woodward, Mike Thomas, Fred Jones, Bill Cotteral, John Vickers, Rick Johnson, Roger Timmons, Ron Wallace, Dick Durbin, Bob MCann, John Rudolph, John Harrison, Billy Owens, Charlie Melton, Tony Canington.

Meeting was called to order promptly at 7:30 pm.

Rick Johnson gave the Financial Report as follows:

            Finacial Report:   Bank balance:    $2,749.83

                            Cash:      $637.70                      

                            Credits:  $1,516.59

                            Total: $1,870.94


Billy Owens announced that the banquet will be held next  Saturday  January 14th at 2:30 pm.

Fred Jones reported that he was sponsoring the Extreme trail and to go to the website for any information.

Mike Thomas: Rule change on weigh-in was passed by unanimous vote.

John Vickers suggested that the classic be held as a draw tournament.

New Schedule: was voted in with 11 votes.

All Seminole and Talquin tournaments will be from safe daylight to 4pm for permit purposes. It is believed that we can weigh-in earlier if we decide to later.

Dollar pot: won by Brooks Woodward.

Meeting ended at 8:09 pm.