Minutes January 9, 2013

Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2013

Meeting called to order by John Rudolph at 7:30 pm

Members present:

John Rudolph, Roger Timmons, Dick Durbin, Donald Gainey, Cody Spears (guest), Bob McCann, JustinSutton (pledge), Jason Junkin, Dusty Stacy (pledge), John Vickers , Jason Meredith (guest), Patrick Dooley, Larry Morris, John Waugh, Brooks Woodward, Les Shope, Dallas Johnson, Marty Spears, John Beal, Billy Owens, Charlie Melton, and Mike Thomas.

Minutes from last meeting no corrections or additions, minutes not read but approved

Financial report:

Cash on hand $405.17

In the Bank $3,202.36

Credits $1,107.42

Total balance $ 2,500.11

New Business


Old Business

Banquet on Saturday January 12, arrive around 4 pm, eat at 6:30.

2013 Tournament Schedule

Executive Committee presented the 2013 tournament schedule with the change of March on Talquin and April on Seminole.  Seconded by Billy Owens. After discussion motion failed. Motion amended to replace Blackshear with Apalachicola River below the Woodruff Dam. Motion carried the schedule is to be amended.

The classic site was discussed with several locations discussed. Lake Kissimmee, Deer Point lake, Lake Seminole all failed to be approved.  Lake Talquin was recommended and was approved.  It is to be set up in the same manner as a points tournament on January 26 and permits are to be obtained.  There is to be a $10 entry fee to be split 50-30-20% by the top 3 finishers.  Big fish pot was not discussed.

The 2013 tournament schedule is to be:

January 26 Lake Talquin (Halls)

February 22-24 Lower Apalachicola (at Bay city)

March 23 Lake Talquin (Halls)

April 20-21 Lake Seminole

May 24-26 Lake Eufaula

June 22 Lake Talquin (Halls)

July 20-21 Lake Seminole

August 24 Lake Talquin (Halls)

September 21-22 Apalachicola River below Woodruff Dam

October 19 Lake Talquin (Halls)

November 9 top 10 (location to be determined)

Dollar pot won by Jason Meredith

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm

Submitted by Mike Thomas, Secretary