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Meeting Minutes
July 17, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:31

John Beal, Dick Durbin, John Waugh, Rick Johnson, Mike Thomas, John Vickers, Chris Edrington, Dallas Johnson, Marty Spears, Robert Valido, Greg Atkinson, Kevin Copland, Les Shope, Billy Owens, Seth Blackburn.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as posted on the website.

Treasurer's report from Les Shope:
    Cash                              $523.09
    Bank                           $2,007.68
    Due from members         $84.00
    Due to members        $1,725.70

    Total                              $889.07

    Top Ten Pot:
    First Place                    $106.40
    Second Place                 $45.60

Chris Edrington brought up the possibility of getting new jerseys made.  He and Rick will do some research to see what is involved and what the prices might be.

Lodging for the Apalachicola tournament was reviewed.

Mike Thomas presented language for approval that would eliminate the three tournament rule for previous members returning to the club.  The following language was approved:

The waiving of the Pledge Period for a previous member

Should a previous member of the Tallahassee Bass Anglers, who resigned from the
club, desire to return to the club as an active member the following steps must be

1) All of the prerequisites for a new pledge are to be met, with the exception of the
pledge fee, fishing 3 tournaments with current members and no pledge period.

2) The previous member/pledge must have a sponsor and resigned from the club as a
member in good standing IE no interpersonal conflicts, does not owe the club money

3) The previous member must be known by at least 50% of the current membership.

4) Their sponsor is to forward a request to the Membership chairman that the Pledge
Period be waived. This request is then forwarded to the Executive Board for discussion
and approval.

5) If the Executive Board approves this request it is to be brought before the club for a
vote. This vote is by secret ballot and requires a 70% approval by the club membership.
With a positive vote this person is then restored to active membership in the club once
their dues are paid. Should this vote not be positive this person will not be considered
for membership to the Tallahassee Bass Anglers.

The change was approved.

Les Shope won the Dollar Pot

The draw for the Miccosukee tournament on July 21, 2018:
    1.    Billy Owens - Gary Atkinson (P)
    2.    Kevin Copland - Robert Valido (P)
    3.    Marty Spears - Seth Blackburn (P)
    4.    John Beal - Brent Zapata (P)
    5.    Chris Edrington - Les Shope
    6.    Rick Johnson - John Vickers
    7.    John Waugh - Dick Durbin
    9.    Mike Thomas