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Minutes of Tallahassee Bass Anglers Meeting
July 19, 2016

Attendance: Don Gainey, John Beal, Billy Owens, Les Shope, John Vickers, Mike Thomas, Brent Zapata (p), Marty Spears, Dallas Johnson, Chris Edrington, Rick Johnson, Richard Lollie (p), John Rudolph, Kevin Copland, and Bobby Yakin

Meeting called to order by President Les Shope at 7:30 PM.

It was brought to the club’s attention that Brent Zapata has met the criteria to hold a vote for his membership. However, Brent wishes to remain a pledge as he wants to weigh his options. He would like to pledge multiple clubs which is currently against Tallahassee Bass Anglers membership rules. He wished to consider this before deciding to become a full member. It was decided to hold the vote for 1-2 months while Brent considers his options. (motion made by John Rudolph, 2nd Dallas Johnson).

Meeting Agenda was presented and approved with the understanding that the vote on Brent’s membership will be postponed. (1st John Vickers, 2nd Marty Spears)

Minutes of from the 6/21/16 meeting were approved as posted (1st John Vickers, 2nd Mike Thomas)

Financial report was reported as follows by Treasurer Chris Edrington
Cash: $180
Bank: $3060.16
Accounts receivable: $90
Credits: $1786.66
Total: $1543.50
Top Ten Pot:$172.00

Financial report was approved (Motion to approve John Rudolph, 2nd Marty Spears)  

New Business:

Chris Edrington requested an exemption from the Lake Seminole tournament draw as he wishes to fish the tournament with his son. A motion was made by John Rudolph to allow the exemption with a 2nd from Dallas Johnson. The club voted to approve the exemption.  

A vote was held to determine the limit for the upcoming Seminole tournament considering the dead fish incurred at the last, Lake Talquin, tournament. A vote was held and a motion was passed to have a 3 fish limit for this tournament. Further reduced limits for hot weather tournaments will be determined on an as needed basis.  

Dollar Pot was won by Dallas Johnson

The draw was held for the upcoming Lake Seminole tournament.  

Draw results were as follows:
Dick Durbin-Richard Lollie
Bobby Yakin-Doug Willard
Dallas Johnson-Kevin Copland
John Vickers-John Waugh
Les Shope-Rick Johnson
Marty Spears-John Rudolph
Billy Owens-Mike Thomas
Chris Edrington-son

Tournament will be held from safe daylight until 2.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 (motion John Rudolph, 2nd Rick Johnson)