Minutes of Tallahassee Bass Anglers Meeting

                          June 19, 2012

Present at the meeting were, John Rudolph (President), Rick Johnson (Treasurer), Mike Thomas (Rules Chairman), John Vickers (Tournament Chairman), Tony Canington, Don Gainey,  John Harrison ,  Dallas Johnson, Fred Jones, Jason Junkin, Bob McCann,  Larry Morris, Hunter Peacock, Les Shope (Pledge), Marty Spears (Pledge) Rodger Timmons, Ron Wallace,  John Waugh,  and Brooks Woodward.

Absent from the meeting were: Dick Durbin (Vice President), Charlie Melton, (Secretary), Billy Owens (Entertainment Chairman),John Beal, Bill Cotterall, and Jim Hughey.

The meeting was called to order by President John Rudolph at 7:31 PM. President Rudolph reported that Charlie Melton would not be at the meeting and he would be taking the minutes. President Rudolph asked if everyone had read the minutes on the website and Fred Jones moved to approve the minutes and John Harrison seconded and the Club voted to approve the minutes.

Financial Report- Treasurer Rich Johnson presented the financial report of the Club. There was $2,992.05 in the bank, $606.29 cash on hand, $1,993.75 in credits for a total of $1,604.59.             Roger Timmons moved to approve the Financial Report, John Harrison seconded, and the Club voted in favor of the Financial Report.  

Old Business- President Rudolph reported that Mike Wheeler had been permanently relocated to Pensacola to work and had resigned as a member of the club.  Mike’s email had been forwarded to the club via email.  President Rudolph also reported that Jim Hughey had business in Mississippi for the next two months.  The Rules were reviewed and Jim had already met the requirements to stay in the club because he reported his absence to a Board Member. Finally President Rudolph reported that Charlie Melton had suffered an injury at work and was still in a lot of pain.  Charlie informed him that he was 50% sure he could fish.  John Vickers said that Charlie had called him before the meeting after he talked to Rudolph and told him he was 90% sure he could not fish.  Charlie asked that he be entered as a boater but not be paired with a no boater.  Roger Timmons moved to approve the request and John Harrison seconded and the Club approved the request.

New Business- President Rudolph reported that  Les Shope would be pledging the Club as he had resigned from the Hog Hunters. Les Shope reported that he would fish with his sponsor, Dallas Johnson in the Seminole Tournament.

Club Tournament Activities

            Tournament Information- Tournament Chairman, John Vickers set up the Tournament at Lake Seminole.  The day of the tournament was discussed and Fred said he may have to work on Sunday and President Rudolph said it had been the practice of the Club over the last two years to fish local tournaments on Saturday and that Sunday was the day that many members went to Church.  Tournament Chairman Vickers asked for a show of hands on who could not fish on Sunday.  John Harrison and Jason Junkin raised their hands.  A vote was taken and Saturday was selected as the day of the tournament.  Tournament Chairman Vickers asked for suggested ending times for the tournament.  After three times were suggested, Tournament Chairman Vickers began with the earliest times and moved to the latest time and the time receiving the most votes was 4:00 PM. Tournament Chairman Vickers then went over who would be fishing the tournament and if they would go boat (B) or no boat (NB). Fred Jones asked that he be given the same waiver that Charlie Melton received since he may have to work on Saturday.  Roger Timmons moved to approve Fred’s request and Bob McCann seconded and the Club approved. Marty Spears indicated that he is on call to help with a junior bass tournament and he learned one of the fathers is sick and may not be able to go.  He stated he would like to sign up but he may not be able to fish.  Marty was instructed to contact his partner as soon as he knows if he can’t fish. The order of blast off was as follows;

            1. Dallas Johnson (B)              Les Shope (Pledge)

            2. Ron Wallace (B)                 Marty Spears (Pledge)

            3. Billy Owens (B)                  Bob McCann (NB)

            4. John Vickers (B)                 Don Gainey (NB)

            5. Tony Canington (B) Hunter Peacock (NB)

            6. John Beal (B)                      Larry Morris (NB)

            7. John Waugh (B)                   Jason Junkin (NB)

            8. Dick Durbin (B)                  Roger Timmons (NB)

            9. John Rudolph (B)                John Harrison (B)

            10. Mike Thomas (B)              Brooks Woodward (B)

            11. Fred Jones (B)                  Charlie Melton (B)


President Rudolph reported the next meeting of the Club would be Tuesday July 3, 2012 at 7:30 at Beef O’Bradys. The next Club tournament would be held Saturday June 23, 2012 out of Wingates with the time being safe daylight until 4:00 PM.

 Dollar pot- won by Brooks Woodward .

                Bob McCann moved to adjourn the meeting, Larry Morris seconded and the Club voted to adjourn the meeting at 7:54 PM.