Tallahassee Bass Anglers

Tallahassee Bass Anglers

Minutes – 03/05/13

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by President John Rudolph.  The meeting agenda was reviewed.  Dick Durbin moved that the agenda be approved; Dallas Johnson seconded the motion.  The agenda was approved.  Dick Durbin advised that the minutes from the last meeting were on the web site.  Dallas Johnson moved that the reading of the minutes be waived; Marty Spears seconded the motion.  Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting was waived by majority vote.  Dick Durbin moved that the minutes be approved; Don Gainey seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved.  Treasurer Rick Johnson provided the following treasurer’s report:

On Hand:             $  565.10

Checking:           $3,187.47

Credits:               $1,559.77

Balance:               $2,192.80

Justin Sutton introduced his dad, Van Sutton, as a guest at the meeting.

The recent resignations of Tony Canington, John Waugh, John Harrison and Ron Wallace were mentioned.

There was no new business.

There was no old business.

The report for the lower Apalachicola River tournament was given by Mike Thomas.  Results are as follows:

1)      Justin Sutton                     (9)   Cody Spears

2)      John Beal                            (10) Marty Spears

3)      John Rudolph                    (11) Charlie Melton

4)      Dusty Stacey                      (12) Mike Thomas

5)      Les Shope                           (13) Larry Morris

6)      Dick Durbin                        (14) Don Gainey

7)      Billy Owens                        (15) Patrick Dooley

8)      Rick Johnson                     

There was a total of 34 fish weighed in.  There were 3 people who did not weigh a fish.

It was announced that the next tournament is on Lake Talquin on February 23rd, from safe daylight to 4:00 p.m.

The dollar pot was won by Marty Spears.

There being no further business, Rick Johnson moved that the meeting be adjourned.  The motion was seconded by Dick Durbin.  The meeting was adjourned.