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Minutes of Tallahassee Bass Anglers Meeting
May 17, 2016

Meeting called to order at 7:33 p.m.

Attendance: John Vickers, Dallas Johnson, Mike Thomas, Billy Owens, Dick Durbin, Brent Zapata (P), Marty Spears, Don Gainey, John Waugh, Les Shope, Kevin Copland, Doug Willard, Lou Comer, John Beal, Bobby Yakin, and Bryce Harvey.

Meeting Agenda was approved. Motion by John Vickers, second by Brent Zapata

Minutes were read by Les Shope. Rules Chairman Vickers asked that the minutes be amended to reflect his instruction that an amendment to the constitution must be approved by 70% of the club. Motion by Dick Durbin, second by Vickers.

Billy Owens reminded everyone to check to make sure they had a valid Georgia license for the upcoming Seminole tournament. Mike Thomas explained that we had to get permits since we would be weighing in at a Florida location.

Financial Report:
Cash on hand: $380.00
Bank: $2,695.16
 Receivable: $95.00


Motion by Les Shope, second by Dick Durbin.

Les Shope announced the Ted Alterman from FWC will be attending the next meeting to discuss new bass regulations and talk about aquatic vegetation control. Les stated that he would like the club to become more involved in having input into FWC decisions concerning management of our local bass fisheries and the FWC’s weed spraying.

At the last meeting John Rudolph made the motion that the constitution be amended to change from two meetings a month to one. Marty Spears seconded the motion. Rules Chairman John Vickers pointed out that we need a favorable vote of 70% of the club and it could not be done at the same meeting where the motion was made. After lengthy discussion a vote was taken and the motion failed.

Dick Durbin won the Dollar Pot.

Doug Willard asked that his son be allowed to fish with him at the Seminole tournament as a guest. The club agreed.

Dallas Johnson asked that, as a matter of safety, he be allowed to always have another member with him in his boat for our tournaments. John Vickers reviewed the rule on tournament pairings. Dick Durbin moved that, for the upcoming Seminole tournament, Dallas be paired with a no-boater. Marty Spears seconded the motion. John Vickers will come up with some proposed rule language to cover this situation which will become more common as the membership ages.

Les asked if anyone had heard from Cody Rowan. No one has spoken to him.

Seminole Tournament:

Sneads Park – Safe daylight until 4:00 p.m. Eastern time

1.Rick Johnson – Brent Zapata (P)
2.Chris Edrington – Bryce Harvey
3.Marty Spears – Don Gainey
4.Dallas Johnson – Kevin Copland
5.Billy Owens – Lou Comer
6.Dick Durbin – Les Shope
7.John Beal
8.John Vickers
9.Mike Thomas
10.John Rudolph
11.John Waugh
12.Brooks Woodward
13.Doug Willard

Meeting was adjourned at 8:29 p.m.