Meeting Minutes – 10/01/13


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by President John Rudolph.  


Justin Sutton, Billy Owens, Rodger Timmons, Rick Johnson, Mike Thomas, John Vickers, Dusty Stacy, Dallas Johnson, Les Shope, Dick Durbin, Larry Morris, Marty Spears, David Heflin (G).


The meeting agenda was reviewed. John Vickers requested a time-slot to bring up a personal matter. Mike Thomas requested a time-slot to discuss inactive members. It was then accepted by general consensus.


ohn Rudolph advised that the minutes of the prior meeting had been posted on the website. He asked if there were any changes or additions to the minutes. There being none, Rodger Timmons moved that the reading of the minutes be waived; this was seconded by Rick Johnson; the motion passed. John Rudolph then asked for a motion to accept the minutes as they stood; Mike Thomas made the motion; this was seconded by Justin Sutton; the motion passed.


Treasurer Rick Johnson provided the following treasurer’s report:
On Hand: $ 406.02
Checking: $3,597.04
Credits: $1,720.54
Balance: $2,282.52

Dick Durbin moved to accept the treasurer’s report; Billy Owens seconded the motion. The treasurer’s report was accepted as presented.


Dallas Johnson introduced David Heflin, one of his neighbors, as a guest and likely pledge. He said that David is a good guy and a darn good bass fisherman. David said that he grew up in central Florida, fishing Kissimmee and the Stick Marsh area, where most of the fishing he did was flipping. He has been trying to learn Lake Talquin for a couple of years now, and wants to get involved with a club to help him learn more about fishing in this area.


Inactive Members: Mike Thomas requested that the club have a “new” category of membership; that being an “Inactive” status. He also requested that inactive members not be counted in the overall membership for a quorum. This would help alleviate the problem we sometimes have when business needing the presence of a quorum of overall membership needs to be transacted; there have been times when we were only 1 member shy of having a quorum present. However, this new membership category will require a change to the by-laws. Mike has volunteered to draft the verbiage for the change, and bring it to the next meeting. There also was discussion of honorary and/or inactive members fishing and placing in the tournaments. The could conceivably cause an active member to miss placing in the top 10, top 5 or possibly even missing out on Angler of the Year. There was a general feeling that, if an inactive/honorary member places in a tournament, they should be given the prize money, but the points should be reflected only for active members. In essence, if an inactive member won the tournament and an active member placed second, that active member should still receive the 50 points for being the highest-placing active member.

Proposed Slate of Officers for 2014: John Rudolph presented the following proposal for the officers for the calendar year 2014:
President – Dick Durbin
Vice-President – Rodger Timmons
Secretary – Larry Morris
Treasurer – John Rudolph
Rules Chairman – Don Gainey
Entertainment Chairman – Marty Spears
Tournament Chairman – Les Shope

Dallas Johnson moved that the officers be elected via joint election. The motion was seconded by John Vickers. The motion carried. The above slate of officers will be effective January 1, 2014.


Club Jerseys: Brooks Woodward was to report on the status of the jersey order; however he was not present at the meeting.

Tournament of Champions: John Vickers announced that he may not be available to fish this tournament, as there is a chance that he will be out of town. Justin Sutton said that it didn’t matter, as he already has John’s money.  

DOLLAR POT: The dollar pot was won by Rodger Timmons.

John Vickers requested that he be allowed to fish the October 19th tournament alone and last-out. He will be returning from a motorcycle ride, and there is the possibility that he could be delayed by bad weather, which would preclude his fishing the tournament. He does not want to have a non-boater depending on him, and a delay occur. Larry Morris moved that this be allowed; Rodger Timmons seconded the motion. The motion carried.
Current Angler of the Year Standings: (with 2 drops)
1)Justin Sutton
2)Dusty Stacy
3)John Vickers
4)Les Shope
5)John Rudolph
6)Marty Spears
7)Brooks Woodward
8)John Beal
9)Dallas Johnson
10)Dick Durbin

Results of Apalachicola River tournament held 09/21/2013.
1)Brooks Woodward
2)Justin Sutton
3)John Rudolph
4)Dusty Stacy
5)Marty Spears

ADJOURN: There being no further business; John Vickers moved that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded by Dick Durbin. The meeting was adjourned at 8:07 p.m.

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